About us

Introducing Bitlorent Inc. Native token BLT


About Bitlorrent Inc. :

Bitlorrent Inc. Is a company which provide payment sollution services. It’s mainly based on Cryptocurrency payment sollution, usually used in the E-commerce marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipcart, shopify and other competitive online giant platform to fulfill their payment procedure without any obstruggle. Its usually focus on wallet to wallet transaction and peer to peer p2p using multiple wallet plugin and wallet facilities using API. People around the world can purchase anything using our cryptocurrency without maintaining any protocol or border guidelines. Anybody can put order through our payment system and make their own satisfaction by reducing unhygienic payment procedure. Our plan and strategy is clear and simple.

Our product:

We are providing two product to make faster payment system with cryptocurreny.

1 Mastercard/ Visa Card
2. Hardware wallet

Future plan:

Bitlorrent (BLT) Token:


Pre built plugins for ecommerce engines, Purchase button APIs, and documentation making Fiver Chain easy to deploy and use across mainstream ecommerce platforms.


So, this project from Bitlorrent Inc. Will be the most successfull project for their dedicated team member and their initiatves. Any one can easily purchase anything by virtual and physical Visa / Mastercard and could store their valuable Crypto-currency in Bitlorrent Hardware wallet easily for future safety.